Yoko Ogawa and Japanese literature


Japanese literature Yoko ogawa

Intro to Japanese literature

Japanese literature besides Haikus (poems) and unique narratives, has something else to offer to their reader. Japanese writes do have their unique style and theme, however there are patterns we can highlight when we speak about their work. Let us discuss the most famous Japanese writers: Yukio Mishima, Haruki Murakami, Ryu Murakami and Yoko Ogawa.

Characteristic Similarities in Japanese literature

“Mishima’s work is characterized by “its luxurious vocabulary and decadent metaphors, its fusion of traditional Japaneseand modern Western literarystyles, and its obsessive assertions of the unity ofbeauty, eroticism anddeath”.” Comparably to other writes in the discussion list, Mishima’s work is not only a different genre but his lifestyle and views are quite divergent from others.

“Haruki Murakami is influenced by western writers from Chandler to Vonnegut by way of Brautigan. Murakami’s fiction is frequently surrealistic and melancholic or fatalistic, marked by a Kafkaesque rendition of the…

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