Holi Without Colours


Today, 10 of March 2020, is Holi, And yes, this year I spend my Holi well, to be specific much better than those past years.

Whether your life gives you beautiful memories or awful memories, we always remember both the memories. True?

Today I was recalling some awful memories

Eight years back, when I was in school, as far as I remember, I was in class 7. Holi festival always comes in the middle of my examination or 2-3 days before my examination starts. On that year, Holi was in the middle of my examination. This is why my classmates always plan to play Holi on the last day of the Annual examination. When everyone was busy playing Holi, I have to lock up myself in a room for studying. I am always at ease with this isolation lifestyles. I don’t have any neighbouring companions with whom I will miss…

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