“You’re not like other writers …”

The Writing Life


As “the nurse” (who loves reading so much, that I’m amazed the book pages don’t catch fire) says to me (often): “You’re not like other writers (‘real ones’, ‘normal’, intellectual, “arty-farty-airy fairey types”); you’re just driven, passionate, obsessive, impatient and impulsive (totally)… and only write with a purpose…to try to make a small bit of difference in the world.”




Shared by “a non arty-farty/ airey-fairy creative type + worst selling writer”

pic (above- great) see https://thelonelyauthorblog.com/tag/wordpress/

from my “filing system” at
(to rescue me from “sheer utter chaos”, thanks “BIG G”#)

# and by that I mean God, rather than Google!

paper chaos 2paper chaos

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