“Lord, broaden my horizons and expand the sense of possibility…”

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The Greatest Race: The Race of Life

“One must first of all endure”

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and by that, I mean God (far more than Google)… but then perhaps I should thank both!

“One must first of all endure.”
– Ernest Hemingway
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Sharing, supporting, informing, enlightening, “entertaining”(??), encouraging, empowering, enriching, challenging, igniting, uplifting (and perhaps even) inspiring

(enough there for now, c)

“Together, one mind, one life (one small step at a time), let’s see how many people (and lives) we can encourage, impact, empower, enrich, uplift and perhaps even inspire to reach their fullest potentials…and strive for and perhaps one sunny day even achieve their wildest dreams.”

PPS (and NB)
“The Greatest Race: Living by (with) faith, hope and love is the highest podium any person can reach, God’s podium that anyone stand on.”
– c

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