On the podium

On the Podium

Originally posted on Inspirational videos: https://vimeo.com/105793592 see https://inspiringvideo.wordpress.com/category/the-greatest-race/ “Trailer” from my “Movie” http://www.mymovie2015.wordpress.com and http://www.racetothechequeredflag.wordpress.com “The Greatest Race: Living by (with) faith, hope and love is the highest podium any person can reach, God’s podium that anyone stand on.” – c “Having pursued the goals, the dreams set before us and run the race with…

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“Having pursued the goals, the dreams set before us and run the race with persistence and endurance, after giving it all. Then one day standing on the summit of life, breathing in the pure sweet oxygen of achievement, totally satisfied in running the greatest race, the race of life one that ANYONE can run and win.”

from http://www.craigsquotes.wordpress.com

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