Top 5 Classics I Want to Read

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Hey guys!

I think I’m gonna start posting more frequently on my Top 5’s. I uploaded a Top 5 Graphic Novels I Want To Read post few months ago & it has really helped me keep track of my most-anticipated graphic novels on my TBR. This is also going to help me categorize my TBR. I know for me, classics can be a little hard to get through BUT they are classics for a reason & I do have quite a few that I want to get to, but I have short-listed them to just 5. Okay, now on with the list:

  1. Shakespeare Mini Book Haul

I basically want to read everything by Shakespeare. I have a Barnes & Noble collectible’s edition that features all of his work so that makes it much easier for me to access his plays/novels etc. I actually read a couple of his plays about 8 years ago…

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