“There are only three sports: bullfighting, mountain climbing and motor racing.”

Climbing Mountains, Chasing Dreams

Featured pictures from http://www.capetownmypictures.wordpress.com

“There are only three sports: bullfighting, mountain climbing and motor  racing.”

from http://www.hemingwaythoughts.wordpress.com

(sorry about the bull-fighting “bit” in “the master writer’s” quote). So how about supporting a campaign to get rid of it in Spain (especially), but also world-wide!

“Having pursued the goals, the dreams set before us and run the race with persistence and endurance, after giving it all. Then one day standing on the summit of life, breathing in the pure sweet oxygen of achievement, totally satisfied in running the greatest race, the race of life one that ANYONE can run and win.”

from http://racetothechequeredflag.wordpress.com/


and http://www.craigsquotes.wordpress.com

“Together, one mind, one life at a time, let’s see how many people we can impact, encourage, empower, uplift and inspire to reach their fullest potentials….and to strive for and perhaps even one day attain their wildest dreams”


 A writer’s dream(s)
Pictures from

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